Rapid Transformational Therapy 28 Day Program

RTT is a super therapy with over 90% success rate. 


Clients see results in the first 2 weeks.


We all have issues that hold us back and RTT is for people who want  address these issues permanently and free themselves by recoding their minds. 

We will do this through;


  1. A preparatory call to get to know each other and discuss the issues.
  2. A deep RTT session of around 90 minutes.
  3. A transformational personal audio recording to lock in all the changes.
  4. Coaching calls to accompany you through your journey.
  5. Access to Support during the 28 day transformation.

Rapid Transformational Therapy 28 Day Program

  • Please download and complete the intake form that you will receive after your purchase and return it to seb@sebjauslin.com

    Thank you.