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What you need to know before you leave the Corporate World.

Free Masterclass


Presented by Seb Jauslin,
ex-Big Four Lawyer turned 10X Therapist & Executive Coach

Faisal Shah, Mentor for Millennials, helping them find Joy in their Careers and Build Financial Freedom 

87% of the workforce are reported to be disengaged.


This is strongly correlated to a lack of Purpose and most people are only trying to protect or conserve an illusionary reputation, position or achieved status. 


Bold Career moves are therefore often met with scepticism and may cast reflections regarding the big change. 

However, this is not a popularity contest. It's your life. 

You deserve to be doing what makes you feel authentic. Not your family, not your culture or religion, YOU.​

If you are ready to make a big change to finally live your passion, then this Masterclass is for you.


Broken down into 3 easy steps

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27th January

12pm - 1pm UK
1pm - 2pm CET

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